Archaeological Services

Since 1972, the core business of ARA has been to provide archaeological consulting services to clients across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. As the industry has evolved in response to changes in wider Canadian society, ARA has been at the forefront of ensuring that archaeological and heritage resources are protected, and that the contributions of Descendant Communities and Stakeholders are welcome in the process. We are an inclusive company that celebrates all pasts and are committed to a Canadian fabric whose strength derives from its diversity.

As Ontario’s first archaeological and heritage consulting firm, we offer a depth of experience in all facets of archaeological and heritage conservation to ensure that our clients have all the information they need to make sound decisions across a range of cultural-heritage contexts.

Please follow one of the links below or contact ARA to discuss your archaeological consulting needs.

Archaeological Assessments

In accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists (2011) developed by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI), archaeological assessments are carried out according to a phased process as follows:

Please contact the office to discuss your archaeological-assessment needs.

Coordinated Heritage Services

ARA is one of the few consulting firms in Ontario to offer coordinated archaeological and heritage services. Working together, our Archaeological and Heritage Teams can offer an enhanced understanding of a property's past while ensuring that redundancies are removed from research and reporting requirements. In this way, ARA can coordinate investigations to satisfy the requirements of both archaeological and heritage assessments in a timely and cost-effective manner, no matter how complex the land-use history of the property. Please review our Heritage pages for the services we offer.

ARA's Laboratory Team includes includes expert conservation technicians with the requisite experience to conserve heritage materials and structures, as well as analyze and curate archaeological artifact assemblages.

Please contact our archaeological staff to discuss your assessment needs.

Cemetery Services

ARA brings a wealth of experience with the practical and administrative processes involved in cemetery investigation. Over its long history, ARA has worked closely with clients to identify, document, recover, and relocate both historically-known and undocumented heritage cemeteries. Each cemetery investigation is unique, please contact ARA to discuss your needs regarding:

  • Identification of heritage cemeteries
  • Cemetery mapping, survey, and interment location
  • Cemetery recovery
  • Disinterment and relocation

Archaeological Management Plans

An Archaeological Management Plan provides a useful tool for municipalities or other planning authorities to guide the implementation of their cultural-resource management strategies. Archaeological Management Plans ensure compliance with Provincial heritage legislation and policies.

In principle, an Archaeological Management Plan consists of a comprehensive strategy, supported by Geographical Information System driven mapping, for the identification and conservation of archaeological resources within a municipality or other jurisdiction.

ARA has long experience with the research, consultative, and technical processes involved in constructing, maintaining, and updating Archaeological Management Plans. Please contact the office to discuss your Archaeological Management Plan requirements.

Conservation and Restoration of Heritage Objects and Features

ARA maintains a well-equipped laboratory facility, staffed by trained and accredited specialists in materials conservation and collections management. The ARA laboratory team has daily experience with the preparation, cataloging, and long-term curation of extensive assemblages of cultural objects. The team's expert conservators offer best-practice approaches for the assessment, conservation, and preservation of heritage objects. In collaboration with the Heritage Consulting Team, ARA's conservators can provide and execute detailed conservation/preservation plans for heritage structures and installations. ARA's conservation team draws on their training and professional experience to create compelling and informative public displays of heritage materials. Please contact ARA to discuss your heritage-conservation needs including:

  • Heritage object conservation
  • Collections management and curation and collections-management planning
  • Cemetery documentation and conservation
  • Conservation planning and strategy development
  • Graffiti removal from heritage buildings
  • Presentation and display of archaeological artifacts and heritage materials
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