ARA Welcomes Rudy Fecteau as an Associate

ARA Ltd. is absolutely delighted to announce that our dear friend Rudy Fecteau is joining us as our newest Associate. Rudy has a BA in anthropology from the University of Toronto and an MA from York University. His master’s thesis, “The Introduction and Diffusion of Cultivated Plants in Southern Ontario” (Dr. Conrad Heidenreich, Supervisor) is considered a seminal work. Over the last 45 years, Rudy has been one of Canada’s foremost archaeobotanists, having worked on collections from more than 330 Pre-Contact, Contact, and Euro-Canadian sites from across seven Canadian provinces as well as New York and Ohio. He regularly delivers professional and public presentations to museums, university departments, community groups, and First Nations across the continent. Rudy was appointed ‘Visiting Scholar’ to the McMaster Palaeoethnobotany Research Facility (MPERF) in 2018 and was the 2013 J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal Award winner for the Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS). Welcome “Rood!”

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